Pacific SolarTech is the world leader in developing and manufacturing concentrator photovoltaic (PV) modules, for applications from utility-scale solar power plants to remote-power and grid-connected power systems. PST offers a line of products with the MicroPVTM moniker. The concentrator PV module (MicroPVTM made by PST) is a milestone in the concentrator PV industry. This successful breakthrough in concentrator PV module manufacturing makes the dream of affordable solar power a reality.

The affordable solar power era is coming. PST uses advanced dome-shaped lenses to concentrate sunlight 10 times onto small area solar cells (only one tenth of the lens size). For every 7 watts produced the solar cell consumes only 1 watt. This technique greatly reduces the requisite amount of silicon. It offers needed relief in today's high-priced, silicone-short environment. PST is able to use semiconductor-level silicon, which is highly competitive with that of the semiconductor industry.

And our advanced passive cooling design used with the MicroPVTM CPV dissipates heat much more effectively than conventional flat panel PV modules.
PST's senior management team and staff were well trained in the automotive industry. They have successfully adapted the quality assurance process from the automotive industry to the concentrator PV industry. Resultantly, they have created and produced extremely reliable, ultra high quality CPV products.
Pacific SolarTech is located in Fremont, California, at the heart of the Silicon Valley.

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