MicroPV TM Concentrator Photovoltaic Modules

Designed for cost reduction and superior performance, the modules are affordable, reliable, and safe.

Represents leading technology with promise for the future.

  • MicroPV TM Concentrator Photovoltaic Modules surpass thin films and achieve comparable performance to bulk crystalline technologies while using one seventh as much silicon.
  • Reliable, long-lasting performance
  • Each module is individually checked to meet specifications and guarantee field performance.
  • Rugged, durable, anodized aluminum frame ensures a tough, steady mechanical mounting.
  • Advanced coating protects solar cells from mechanical and environmental stress.
  • Mono-crystalline and Polycrystalline solar cells are sourced from well known solar cell manufacturers, such as Motech and Axitec Solar.
  • Track-mounted CPV modules can increase power up to 10% or more compared to fixed flat panels.
  • Sealed junction box is maintenance free.
  • Comes with factory-installed blocking diodes and connectors.

The affordable solar power from CPV

  • Concentrator photovoltaic provides clean, quiet, reliable electricity from sunlight at reduced cost.
  • For each watt produced from our CPV modules, only one seventh of the silicon is needed, compared to flat-panel modules.
  • Lower cost makes the wide spread use of solar power possible.

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